A. Profile
hello i’m leo but you can also call me noa! i'm 15 and french canadian, i use they them prns and i also identify as nonbinary and lesbian
B. Notes
i'm not stable mentally so i may be erratic at times.
C. Links
cr hourlyriti for this crd layout!

D. To Know
don't use she/her pronouns on me unless you know me in real life, be repectful, i change my pfp/user often, talks alot about favs
E. Go Away
18+ (moots rn ok), support bi/pan lesbians, basic dnfi criteria, disrespect my pronouns, put kpop over morals, use cultures as aesthetics (that includes words)

F. Love Zone
seventeen, amy/p, cory & nick, trin lovell, serein portal
G. Interests
gilmore girls <3, hunger gams, heartstopper, stranger things, the untamed, kpop, buzzfeed unsolved, old horror movies, stationary and more!
H. Tunes
txt, seventeen, izone, itzy, pristine, lightsum, taemin, eric nam, hojean, taylor swift, arlie, hippo campux, shoobies/the haunting